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This project has been made possible with the financial assistance of the European Union


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XBRL Europe Eurofiling
This event is possible thanks to the assistance of XBRL Spain


Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd June 2015. Madrid
Venue: Business Registers - Bank of Spain

15th XBRL Europe Day & 21st EuroFiling Workshop

Nominative and MANDATORY registration, by May 26th COB

Your Personal Data:

First name (*)
Family name (*)
E-mail (*)
Organisation name (*)
Sector of activity (*)
Country of the Organisation (*)
XBRL EU Member / Speaker / Invitation (*)(**)
(use only if required)
Special requirements

(*) Mandatory fields. (**) See priority invitations policy below.

Please specify dates/sessions you wish attend:

Monday (June 1st) : Tutorials Day
     Please select the activity(ies) you will attend (Sesión en Español aquí)
     XBRL/DPM Tutorials   Hands-on DPM (Regulators only)  eSupervision

Tuesday (June 2nd): 15th XBRL Europe Day.

Wednesday (June 3rd): 21st Eurofiling Workshop.
     Please select the XBRL Europe meeting(s) you will attend:
     Business Registers demos      IFRSSAM WG & Usability WG
     EU Adoption Committee  Euromarcom    Supervisory Reporting

No booking needed for Sunday Old Town, Monday tapas dinner, Thursday Sightseeing

Please select your fees:

EUROS total amount, as sum of 50€ for mandatory catering lump sum, plus your optional order of Networking Dinner ticket/s at 60€ each.

Due to the large number of attendees, an event catering lump sum of 50€ is MANDATORILY charged, also for speakers. The lump sum covers coffee and lunch on Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd, irrespective if your attendance is for one, two or three days (administrative burden reduction).

In addition to the mandatory event catering lump sum, optional Networking Dinner tickets (Tuesday 2nd at night) are available for you and all your guest/s. Networking Dinner booking is binding: once confirmed, no-show will be claimed at FULL COST.

EUROS total amount should accordingly be selected among these options:
  50€: ONE event catering WITHOUT Networking Dinner (minimum fee); or
110€: ONE event catering plus ONE optional Networking Dinner ticket; or
170€: ONE event catering plus TWO optional Networking Dinner tickets.
   for additional Networking Dinner Tickets, please order to

The EUROS total amount selected SHOULD BE TRANSFERRED by May 26nd at latest to XBRL Spain by bank wire transfer or by Paypal.
(Details in the registration confirmation e-mail)

Alternatively, and at risk of queues/delays, the exact EUROS total amount would be paid on CASH (no change available) at Registration Desk, and overcharged with 30€, due to cash administration tasks.

Last minute Networking Dinner tickets (unsold tickets or cancelled orders, if available) would be also purchased in cash at Registration Desk.

A receipt for the total amount will be provided by XBRL Spain.


Priority invitations policy (seats are limited to 200).
XBRL Europe is very glad to invite XBRL EU Members, namely Members of supporting XBRL Jurisdictions as well as XBRL EU Direct Members, up to 2 seats per Member. Speakers and convened WG members don't count for such limits. XBRL Spain and Eurofiling are very glad to invite Regulators, Supervisors, Business Registers, Government and Financial Reporting Entities. Remaining seats will be assigned by registration order.

e-mail delivery is mandatory and equivalent to signature. Please only provide details of the person who will attend the session, as this invitation is strictly personal. Priority invitations are confirmed usually within 48h.

Waiting list, cancellations and no-show. A waiting list is open for registrations not included in the priority invitations (see above). The organizers will confirm waiting list registrations as soon as possible. If your registration is confirmed, but you will not attend, you are kindly but STRONGLY requested for written cancellation, both for fees devolution and as matter of consideration for our colleagues in waiting list. According to the Eurofiling minutes of 20 December 2012, a no-show would blacklist you for next events.

Disclaimer: The organizers (Spanish Business Register, Bank of Spain, XBRL Spain, XBRL Europe, EuroFiling, ...) will assume no responsibility for any damages incurred by your attendance at this event, as attendance is at no cost, voluntary, and will in no way hold the aforementioned responsible for any claim arising from your attendance thereat.

Intellectual Property: Presentation files are to be made public unless stated otherwise. Call: Anyone in attendance is requested to inform organizers if they are personally aware of any claims under any patent applications or issued patents or other intellectual property that would be likely to be infringed by any Work Product which is the subject of this meeting. See full text (including XBRL Patent Call) at Eurofiling legal notice.

Personal Data is protected under European regulation. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an e-mail to List of attendees would be distributed in the meeting room ONLY, facilitating networking. Photos of the audience would be published in the event's website.
Data Protection. I hereby DO NOT authorize: (select the restriction/s below)
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