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7th European Banking Supervisors XBRL Workshop      

VII XBRL Workshop Facts

VII XBRL Workshop Agenda

Speaker Presentation
Prof. Wolfgang Simler Welcome Words
Ignacio Boixo
Katrin Schmehl
Olivier Servais XBRL at the IASC Foundation
Kari Ukkonen Finnish COREP Project
Sylviane Delarue
Jerome Poupard
Commission Bancaire(FR)
Giancarlo Pellizzari DEXIA Group
Mary Kyriakidou Central Bank of Cyprus
Bartosz Ochocki Polish COFINREP Implementation
Michele Romanelli Matrix Model - Bank of Italy
Hugh Wallis XBRL Standards
Francisco García Sanz Santander Group
André Peters
Mark Creemers
CSSR: An integrated data collection
tool - Belgium Central Bank
Ron Baremans eLine Reporting Platform
De Nederlandsche Bank

e-Line Reporting Platform -An Overview-
Paolo Lombardi MUSING Project
Monte dei Paschi di Siena

The VII European Banking Supervisors XBRL Workshop is intended to communicate the progress and the development of international taxonomies in both the area of Solvency Reporting of Basel II (COREP) and International Financial Reporting (FINREP). After almost two years of development, both taxonomies reached a final state a few months ago and are currently being maintained by the project team.
Whilst previous workshop events concentrated on the architecture and design of the taxonomies, the VII workshop is going to focus on real implementations of COREP and FINREP at national level. Many countries have already set up projects and are starting to receive COREP and FINREP based XBRL instance documents in 2007.

  • When? From the 9th noon till the 10th noon, May 2007.

  • Where? Deutsche Bundesbank HV München - German Central Bank, Munich
    Information about accommodation can be found here.

  • Who? Participation is oriented towards European banking supervisors and representatives of banks and other financial institutions that are affected by the XBRL development of COREP and FINREP. The presence of the supporting industry is also welcome. Participation is free of cost.
    Please send the Registration Form by May 8th

  • What to present? For the workshop to cover various topics and to give valuable information to the attendees, the project team is asking for presentations about national initiatives and the progress and developments of national projects around COREP and FINREP as well as suggestions and ideas regarding the development, testing, implementation and maintenance of international taxonomies in a harmonized way.
    Representatives of banks and financial institutions are also welcome to present their comments and initiatives regarding the XBRL-based reporting. The Workshop is not oriented to include presentations from the supporting industry.
    The supporting industry will be well represented at the 15th XBRL International Conference in Munich, from 3-7 June 2007.
    The presentations to be held during the workshop should mainly focus on initiatives and projects in Europe related with the XBRL developments in the COREP and FINREP projects. The background of projects that are in progress or projects that are in the planning phase are as welcome as the experience gained from finished developments which are already in practical use.
    Representatives of banks and financial institutions should please present their initiatives on projects related to the XBRL-based reporting in COREP and FINREP from the sender side. These presentations may also include comments on, and any consequences of, the new CEBS XBRL reporting framework.
    These sender-side presentations should concentrate on the implementation and IT point of view, i.e. the technical domain rather than the business domain.
    Presentation proposals should be addressed to
    Final agenda can be downloaded here

  • XBRL Versioning: face to face meeting to be held also in Bundesbank Munich, on the 8th and 9th May 2007, immediately prior to the VII Workshop.
    Details at

  • Need for further details? Please contact

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