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This project has been made possible with the financial assistance of the European Union


This project can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the policies of the European Union
Tools developed for COREP version 1.0.1

arrowThe project team provides a tool that can be used to fill in test data in COREP templates. It is Microsoft Excel based and is used to be transformed in XBRL instances in two further COREP implementations.
Link: coreptest.xlt

A description how to fill in COREP test data is available.
Link: Explanatory notes

arrowA Microsoft Excel based tool can be downloaded to transform the Excel files prepared by coreptest.xlt in XBRL instances.
Link: converttoxbrl.xls Documentation to use the tool
Link: Corep templates to Xbrl mapper.pdf

arrowA web based Excel to XBRL mapper frozen on version 1.0.1 of the COREP Taxonomy can be reached over the internet. It enables transformations of Excel files prepared by coreptest.xlt in XBRL instances.
Find here an extract of the source code.

CALL FOR COLLABORATION POSITIONS. Info for volunteers can be found here.

At its meeting in London on 18 January 2005, the Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) agreed to start a formal consultation with the banking industry and other interested parties to achieve a common framework for the reporting of the solvency ratio (COREP) by credit institutions. More information and documentation on CEBS, COREP and the consultation papers can be found at
COREP is now developing an XBRL taxonomy based on the published data model. To test this taxonomy, institutions are invited to participate by providing test data on a best effort basis.

Collaborating institutions will acquire through their participation in this process:

  • A deeper and better understanding on the COREP reporting framework for the solvency ratio.
  • A chance to provide comments on how the proposed framework works. This may help institutions to provide comments on the CEBS consultation paper.
  • An early knowledge about the availability in their systems of the information that will be required in the future for solvency reporting.

The collaboration in this open process will also allow the Institutions to benefit from the experiences, comments, suggestions and questions posed by other members of the banking industry, market participants and XBRL experts.

Who can participate?
arrow Any institution that has direct or indirect access to data of banking activities and is granted permission to use that information for the purposes of this exercise, like for example, credit institutions, consultant firms or any other party interested in participating.

How to participate?
arrow Institutions wishing to participate should provide test cases that will be used for the validation of the XBRL implementation of COREP. Test cases will be provided using the Excel spreadsheet (coreptest.xlt) and attaching all the relevant documentation and comments associated to the reported test cases.

arrow More information


arrow Institutions wishing to collaborate should download the coreptest.xlt file. For filling in each spreadsheet, information and instructions contained in the legal references & comments and the “Explanatory notes to the templates” documents should be used.

arrow According to the following information flow the collaborating Institutions may get full advantage of the participation in this exercise by getting valuable feedback on the test cases they provide and having access to a complete range of test cases while preserving their identity in secret.


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