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10 years of Eurofiling!

Tuesday, 2nd June 2015

This event is possible thanks to the assistance of XBRL Spain

Ten years ago, a challenging XBRL workshop was openly convened:

The Committee of European Banking Supervisors has decided to achieve a common solvency ratio reporting framework, called COREP (Common Reporting). The aim is to reduce the reporting burden on firms and encourage an increased level playing field across Europe....

CEBS also intends to provide a XBRL taxonomy for the supervisory solvency reporting. The work, supported by leading European XBRL experts of various XBRL jurisdictions, is being expected to be finished by end of June 2005....

The Bank of Spain and the Spanish XBRL Jurisdiction will take a coordination role, and host the initial workshop in Madrid. This workshop is intended for interested people and observers with expertise in the matter. The workshop is scheduled by 7th February 2005. The help of international XBRL leaders is awaited...

Ten years after the original deadline, a revisit is being convened among the activities of the XBRL week in Madrid. An open forum on June 2 is devoted to interchange experiences, predict future scenarios, and analyse lessons learned:

The being expected to be finished by end of June 2005 has proved to be a forecast with a big room for improvement in accuracy.
Reduce the reporting burden on firms has always room for improvement.
Encourage an increased level playing field across Europe seems to anticipate the current ECB, EBA and EIOPA efforts.

Ten years is a long professional period, and much of the original attendees are currently in different activities. In spite of that, a Vintage Celebration is always a pleasure. Among the XBRL week in Madrid activities, a Network Dinner is scheduled on June 2 as a tribute for all the participants in the initial Eurofiling Workshop of February 2005.

If your name is in the founders list, please e-mail to to get your free Networking Dinner invitation!.

See you in Madrid!

Restaurant El Rodizio, Madrid Click in the image for enter in Restaurant "El Rodizio", Brazilian steakhouse.


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