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Bugs in COREP Taxonomy v.1.2.2
Id. Taxonomy Files affected Bug Description Found by Severity Date
1 p-ca-2006-07-01.xsd p-ca-2006-07-01-label.xml Wrong label for element IRBProvisionShortfall Label at point 1.3.8 should be changed to "(-) IRB Provision shortfall and IRB equity expected loss amounts" in order to be compliant with the template. Mark Creemers (Bank of Belgium) Low 2007-01-18
2 t-ca-2006-07-01.xsd t-ca-2006-07-01-definition.xml Wrong dimension member is used in two hypercubes. The CR IRB breakdown of T-CA (hypercubes CreditRiskIRBNoOwnEstimatesHypercube and CreditRiskIRBOwnEstimatesHypercube) uses dimension member d-cr_CreditRiskIRB for CreditRisk dimension but should use d-cr_CreditRiskIRBCreditCounterpartyCreditDelivery. Piotr Malczak, Kari Ukkonen High 2007-01-08
3 p-mc-2006-07-01.xsd
Definition, label, reference and presentation linkbase files of p-mc, p-me, p-mf, p-mi, p-mt and t-mc, t-me, t-mf, t-mi and t-mt MKR templates use the primary item p-cm-ca_CapitalRequirements instead of p-cm-ca_MarketRiskCapitalRequirements. The primary item p-cm-ca_CapitalRequirements should be replaced by item p-cm-ca_MarketRiskCapitalRequirements in order to be consistent with the t-ca-2006-07-01 taxonomy. Piotr Malczak, Kari Ukkonen High 2007-01-19
4 t-cs-2006-07-01.xsd t-cs-2006-07-01-definition.xml Unnecessary usable attributes Usable "false" attributes on not-all hypercubes should be removed from two arcs. Mark Creemers (Bank of Belgium) Low 2007-01-19
5 t-op-2006-07-01.xsd p-op-2006-07-01-reference.xml Unnecessary reference attached to CapitalRequirements Reference attached to CapitalRequirements should be removed. Victor Morilla Low 2007-02-01
Severity High: the bug impacts on the reporting process. For instance, the problem in t-ss would render valid instance documents invalid according to business templates. Medium: the bug does not impact on the reporting process. For instance, an item that should be of type monetary positive instead of just monetary (it improves the validation, but does not prevent the file to be reported). Low: aesthetic bugs. For instance, errors in IDs or in the local name of some concepts. This bugs do not impact at all in the reporting.
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