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14th XBRL EU Day & 20th Eurofiling Workshop

XBRL week in Brussels

Monday 24th to Thursday 27th November 2014
National Bank of Belgium - Auditorium - Brussels

This event is possible thanks to the assistance of XBRL Belgium

List of Organizations/Positions/Countries attending the event.

Countries table

arrow See Agenda and Speakers.

arrow Keynote Institutions:
EBA (European Banking Authority)
EIOPA (European Insurance & O.P. Authority)
ECB (European Central Bank)
EC (European Commission)
IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

arrow Monday 24th - XBRL/DPM Tutorials, eSupervision

Room A1
DPM tutorial: Michal Skopowski & Marek Wlodarczak

Room A2
XBRL Tutorial - Openfiling: Ignacio Boixo
XBRL Tutorial - Arelle Tool: Herm Fischer

arrow Tuesday 25th - XBRL Europe Day
XBRL Europe presentations of Policy Statements, Committees, Working Groups, Networking, and the initiative promoting XBRL as identified European Standard

EBA's Taxonomies, a harmonization for EU, the success story: Andreas Weller
Update of Solvency II and its Pillar 3 in Europe: Marjan Trobina
Regulatory reporting in the light of the SSM: Giancarlo Pellizzari
XBRL Days and Eurofiling Workshop: Piotr Madziar
Supervisory reporting in Belgium: Khalid BEN YAACOUB
Annual accounts reporting in Belgium and challenges: Bertrand Jadoul
The Disclosure Initiative including the IFRS Taxonomy: Kristy Robinson
Identification of XBRL 2.1 - State of Play: Antonio Conte
The dark side of the Basel Committee's Pillar 3 Framework: Wilfried Wilms
Update from Asia and Japan: Yoshiaki Wada
XBRL International Update: John Turner
Progress of XBRL in EU - Update on XBRL EU organisation: Gilles Maguet
ERICA and the need for electronic filing of IFRS data: Saskia Vennix
xEBR Working Group: Thomas Verdin
The importance of ESMA?: Hans Buysse
Repository of Public Sector Annual Financial Statements: Carlos Alonso

arrow Tuesday 25th night - Gala Dinner
Details of the Restaurant La Manufacture, Rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil 12-20, with indications on the location of the different hotels. See also

arrow Wednesday 26th - Eurofiling Workshop and XBRL EU WGs

Experiences and developments of EBA, ECB, EIOPA, National Authorities and Reporting Entities about COREP/FINREP & Solvency II. Data Point Modelling. Tool for Undertakings. XBRL Standards & Best Practices. EU technical discussions.

The Supervisory Banking (SUBA) data system: Giancarlo Pellizzari
SUBA Status Update: Antonio Morlupi
Reflections on the ITS implementation: Carlos Martins
Future releases of COREP/FINREP new features and release plan: Owen Jones
Standardisation in Regulatory Value Chain: Maciej Piechocki
Solvency II XBRL Taxonomy: Marjan Trobina
Solvency II - 2014 XBRL filing in France: Eric Jarry
DPM as ISO standard: Michal Piechocki
The Technology Initiative: Olivier Servais

Eurofiling Update: Ian Hicks
Tool for undertakings (T4U) - Database: Karol Minczynski
Tool for undertakings (T4U) - XBRL integration: Herm Fischer
ISA Programme: Konstantinos Bovalis
2014 Climate Change Taxonomy Insight: María Mora
Formal Validation of Data Point Models: Ignacio Santos & Abel Nieto-Cano
Normative Presentation: Paul Snijders

arrow Thursday 27th - Working Group (restricted, by invitation only)

arrow Who should attend?

XBRL Europe members and stakeholders. Supervisors, experts in supervision/filing (IT and accountants as well), project managers, solution providers, vendor representatives and consultants. Eurofiling workshop is more oriented to people involved in COREP/FINREP/SolvencyII and other implementations.

arrow Registration

Registration has been closed at Friday 14th COB, November 2014.

arrow Questions and suggestions

Please mail to

arrow Map, transport and accommodation

The venue is at National Bank of Belgium, Auditorium entry, located at Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères 61, Brussels historic center. Security checks applies.

Brussels Airport is at 15 Km, with 4 trains per hour (17 minutes) from Central Station (550 meters walking). Low cost airlines also at Charleroi Airport (60 Km).

The National Bank of Belgium has made a limited number of reservations (preferential rate codes in the registration confirmation e-mail) in the following hotels:

Plan Hotels Auditorium


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